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Ein bezahltes blaues Häkchen könnte von Meta auf Facebook und Instagram kommen

Rossie Jennings

18.01.2023 г.

Ein blaues Häkchen ist ein Verifizierungssymbol, das neben dem Namen eines Benutzers erscheint und derzeit von Facebook und Instagram Benutzern angeboten wird, die bestimmte Kriterien erfüllen

There have been reports that Facebook and Instagram, both owned by Facebook, are considering offering paid blue checkmarks as a feature. A blue checkmark is a verification symbol that appears next to a user's name and is currently offered by Facebook and Instagram to users who meet certain criteria, such as being a celebrity, brand, or public figure.

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According to reports, Facebook and Instagram are exploring the possibility of offering paid blue checkmarks as a way to generate additional revenue. The idea is that users who are not currently eligible for a blue checkmark would be able to pay a fee to receive one, which would help them increase their visibility and credibility on the platforms.

However, it's worth noting that these reports are unconfirmed, and there is no official word from Facebook or Instagram about whether they will actually offer paid blue checkmarks. If they do move forward with the idea, it could have significant implications for the way that users interact with the platforms, as well as for the value and meaning of the blue checkmark itself.

As of now, it's unclear whether Facebook and Instagram will follow through with this idea, and if they do, what the details of the paid blue checkmark program will be. Until there is more information and official confirmation from the companies, it's difficult to say what impact this could have on the social media landscape.

A blue checkmark on these platforms typically indicates that an account is verified and is the official account of a public figure, brand, or organization.

Verification on Facebook and Instagram is currently offered for free and is typically granted to accounts that meet certain criteria, such as being active and in good standing, having a significant following, and being authentic and original. The process of verification can also involve submitting additional information to Facebook or Instagram for review.

It's worth noting that, in the past, there have been instances of companies offering paid verification services on social media platforms, but these services are typically against the platforms' policies and can result in the account being banned.

So, as of now, there is no information indicating that Meta or any other company is exploring paid blue checkmarks on Facebook and Instagram, and it's important to be cautious of any claims or services that promise to sell verification on these platforms.

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