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12 Digital Marketing Trends All Business Owners and Marketers Should Know

Ira Ganch

7.02.2023 г.

Want to know the digital trends that could affect your campaigns?

Are you considering your marketing plan of attack for the year ahead? Want to know the digital trends that could affect your campaigns?

The team from Boost 180 share the marketing trends you need to know.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Meta is everywhere

  • Influencers continue to grow (even for B2B)

  • Advertising is challenged by privacy

  • Marketers get more strategic

  • LinkedIn is growing, growing, growing

  • SEO is less game and more integrated

  • Experiences are the new social currency

  • Digital jobs continue to grow

  • Facebook (Meta) doesn’t go anywhere

  • Websites get faster

  • Everything is algorithm-driven

  • Less is more

Boost 180 marketing
Marketing Trends You Should Know

These are some of the current trends and predictions in the marketing and technology industries in 2023:

  1. Meta is everywhere: Meta refers to information about information, such as metadata that describes the content, context, and structure of data. Meta is becoming increasingly important in a digital world where information is constantly being created and shared, as it helps to make sense of the vast amounts of data available.

  2. Influencers continue to grow (even for B2B): Influencer marketing, where brands partner with individuals who have a large following on social media, has been growing in popularity, and this trend is expected to continue, even in the B2B space.

  3. Advertising is challenged by privacy: As consumers become more concerned about their privacy online, advertisers are facing challenges in reaching and engaging their target audiences. Marketers must be mindful of privacy laws and regulations, as well as changing consumer attitudes, when developing their advertising strategies.

  4. Marketers get more strategic: As marketing becomes more data-driven, marketers are being forced to become more strategic in their approach, using data and insights to inform their decisions and make their campaigns more effective.

  5. LinkedIn is growing, growing, growing: LinkedIn has become an increasingly important platform for B2B marketing and professional networking, and is expected to continue to grow in popularity and influence.

  6. SEO is less game and more integrated: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming more integrated into overall marketing strategies, as brands seek to improve their visibility in search results and drive traffic to their websites.

  7. Experiences are the new social currency: Consumers are seeking more meaningful and personalized experiences, both online and offline, and brands are seeking to create and deliver these experiences to build stronger relationships with their customers.

  8. Digital jobs continue to grow: The demand for digital skills and digital jobs is expected to continue to grow, as businesses increasingly embrace digital technologies and seek to transform their operations and customer experiences.

  9. Facebook (Meta) doesn’t go anywhere: Facebook continues to be a major player in the social media space, and is expected to remain so, despite the challenges posed by privacy concerns and increased competition.

  10. Websites get faster: The speed at which websites load has become an increasingly important factor in determining their success, as consumers expect fast and seamless experiences online.

  11. Everything is algorithm-driven: Algorithms are increasingly being used to personalize and optimize online experiences, from search results to online advertisements.

  12. Less is more: The trend towards minimalism and simplicity is expected to continue, as consumers seek to simplify their lives and avoid information overload. Brands are being forced to be more creative and strategic in their marketing efforts, focusing on delivering high-quality content and experiences that are relevant and meaningful to their customers.

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