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Boost 180 was founded as a specialized marketing company  with a passion for digital marketing and business development. Boost 180   has already grown to have specialized teams for responsible and professional implementation of your business in all areas of digital marketing including: search engine marketing (SEO), influencer marketing, paid content creation targeting (PPC) and profile management at AMAZON.


Conducting effective and cost-effective digital marketing campaigns can be a challenge for businesses of all sizes. 

The Boost 180 team of experts will provide you with personalized and effective marketing solutions for your growth and market positioning.


Applied marketing strategies and digital campaigns in various areas of business


Countries where we manage the implementation of marketing planning in different medias


Implementation of marketing campaigns in digital channels

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Marketing services and consulting

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Marketing goals have not changed. Only the tools with which we achieve them. At Boost180, we have the latest version of them, with which the brand can not only be noticed on the Internet, but also find the most exciting way to the heart of its current and future customers. Precise planning and transparent campaign management give our customers the confidence to let go of their fears about investing in the Internet and allow us to boldly deploy their marketing strategies there.

Display advertising

We take on the challenge of surprising our customers with innovative, interesting and effective solutions for their presence with banner advertising in the online space. From the idea, through its development and implementation, every moment of the process is carefully considered and directed in detail by a team of specialists in Boost180. The end product - a powerful online tool for achieving the marketing goals of the brands we work for.

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онлайн маркетинг стратегия boost 180
Online marketing strategy

Each of them begins its life with detailed research and analysis to optimize the Internet presence of each client, in accordance with his current business needs. The main burden falls on the idea of driving and giving density to the brand online and directing it to the right communication channels. The final rights of each strategy are reserved for the analysis of the results of the campaign and the recommendations for celebrating more impressive achievements in future projects for the client.

Social media

Brands are experiencing their digital rebirth on social media and Boost180 provides its customers with know-how on how to do this in the most professional and effective way. Creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, You Tube, LinkedIn, TikTok and all profiled social networks, generating and moderating content in them, promoting in their advertising platforms. Comprehensive service and monitoring of new trends.

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медиа планиране boost 180
Media planning and buying

The online market is becoming more dynamic and complex. Finding the right channels for brand campaigns on the Internet is a precise task in which Boost180 specialists reach new heights with each new project. Clients receive a professionally prepared media plan in line with the goals of their campaign, buying positions in the media with serious discounts, campaign management and post buy, which provides accurate and systematic data on the budget spent and results achieved.


Hundreds of ideas run through our heads every day. The real talent lies not in their generation, but in their refinement and execution. At Boost180, we tolerate a creative approach that is subordinate to the mission of bringing real results to the brand we work for. We do not impose self-serving design if it is not backed up by the projection of a strategy to ensure a successful campaign for our customers.

криейтив boost 180
дизайн boost 180

Our team of designers monitors global trends in the field and applies them in practice in every new project that ends. Regardless of the type of website or internet application that is being developed, the leading idea is a stylish concept that not only impresses visually, but also leads to the successful achievement of the challenges facing the brand.

Branding and corporate identity

Your brand has no second chance to make a good first impression. Corporate identity is the element that will distinguish it from competitors, make it recognizable and memorable. In Boost180, looking at the detail is a mandatory way of working, and the end result speaks to the ambitions and values of customers.

брандинг boost 180
копирайт boost 180

We master the power of words and subordinate it to achieve the goals that our customers set in each new campaign. From dynamic texts for websites, through short and mixed messages in the display ad, to the generation of content for social media, which attracts and keeps the interest of the followers of the brand.

WEB programming

With our help you will facilitate your business and your customers. We know how to make your website or online store functional and attractive to visitors and customers. The guarantee for the quality development of your website is the long-term experience of our specialists, whose professionalism is evidenced by successful websites and satisfied customers.

  • With us you get a properly arranged website that meets all modern technical standards.

  • We create multifunctional e-shops or presentation sites

  • We have experience in creating sites for companies performing various and diverse activities in the field of: trade, consulting, services, industry, online commerce.

създаване на сайтове boost 180
amazon бизнес развитие SEO
amazon boost180
  • Detailed analysis of your products for Amazon 

  • Identifying niches and markets for sale

  • Create an account on Amazon and maintain it fully

  • Create and upload ads to the Amazon catalog

  • Consulting services for everything related to Amazon

  • Full marketing service related to Amazon

  •  SEO optimization for Amazon


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